Why Coworks?

The best software for any coworking space.

Are you tired of using complicated, bloated software?

With Coworks' predictable pricing, we charge a flat fee based on features that allows you to budget and scale. No per member pricing. No complicated wifi or hardware contracts.

Keep it simple with Coworks

Coworks gives you a powerful, yet intuitive interface to manage your coworking space. Say goodbye to cluttered spreadsheets. Say hello to simplicity.

Everything in one place

Are you duct taping your coworking apps? Drop your seven separate apps and pick up Coworks.

Room & Equipment Bookings 

Book a conference room or a piece of equipment straight from your phone or directly on a tablet. We also have permissions so you only allow booking whats relevant.

Analytics & Reports

Automatically invoice your members, rent out your space, and sell hot desks with non-member invoices! Say goodbye to paperwork.

Why should I switch from my current apps?

We tried them. Here’s what we found out.

Hospitality, not just real estate

Coworking space management is not just real estate. You are actually in the customer service business. Many other space management apps focus on property management and billing but lack the personal connection that coworking spaces have to offer. Your members need more than a lease to stay in your space. They need a community. Build your community with Coworks.

Simple Yet Featureful

Too Limited

Some coworking space software apps only offer a few features, but don’t give you the power to make more money. Grow your revenue with Coworks.

Too Bloated

Some coworking software apps are stuffed with complicated bloatware, but they lack a simple interface to get anything done.

You can cut the duct-tape

When you have a dozen apps duct taped together, your members (and your revenue) will slip between the cracks. Bring everything in-house with Coworks. Together we can replace the apps you are duct taping for:

  • Billing and Invoicing
  • Lead Tracking
  • Event Management
  • Member Directory
  • Reports and Analytics
  • Keyless Entry
  • Data Capture