The flex space and coworking solution that's just as delightful for your managers as your members.

An end-to-end platform that streamlines your operations and helps you grow!

Software specially designed for the future-of-work

Remote work will never be the same for anybody, from employees to companies to freelancers. Which is why your hybrid and flexible coworking space needs a platform that is robust yet intuitive, and purposefully developed to make it easier than ever to manage each space.

Property manager?
We've got you.

Coworks serves all the dimensions of space-as-service, from traditional, coffee-powered coworking to tool-driven makerspaces to complex campuses across multiple states.

One solution to power them all.

Reduce overhead. Streamline operations.

Many spaces use complicated, expensive software that meets some of their  needs, but still require additional tools to manage the unique aspects of the business. Coworks solves that.

Easily create and manage every single resource

From conference rooms to 3D printers, from hot desks to smart boards, you can create all the assets your space offers in the platform. Then your member tenants can reserve what they need right from their phone.

Understand the health and performance of your space

The real benefit to all those tolls in one platform is data! Use special reporting tools to understand occupancy, ROI, MRR, and more acronyms.

We know change is hard. Here's why it's worth it.

You probably already have some semblance of a solution. And the idea of migrating to a new platform is scary. But we've done it and we'll help you every step of the way.

You're in the hospitality business

Coworking and flex space management is not just commercial real estate. You are actually in the customer service business.

Many other space management apps focus on property management and billing, but lack the personal connection that coworking spaces have to offer. Your members need more than a lease to stay in your space. They need a community. Build your community with Coworks.

The challenge with traditional coworking software? 
Too much and not enough.

Too Limited

Some basic coworking space platforms only offer a few features, which don't let you scale and grow your business.

Too Bloated

Other property management solutions are stuffed with complicated bloatware, and they lack a simple interface anyone can use.

No more duct-taping together tools

Yes, there is probably a simple, sometimes even free tool to do each thing you need. But do they talk to each other? Are they consolidated in one platform? Do they grow as you grow?

Coworks combines all the functions you need into one:

  • Billing and Invoicing
  • Lead Tracking
  • Event Management
  • Member Directory
  • Reports and Analytics
  • Keyless Entry
  • Data Capture