How Coworks works for you

Let's look at each feature of this end-to-end backend and frontend platform for hybrid and flex office space

The platform that powers space-as-a-service

Deliver a delightful coworking experience with the features you need to perform and grow.

Member Directory

Manage your entire tenant base from one convenient interface. And you can allow your tenants and members to connect and engage each other right from their phones.

Automated Billing

Automatically invoice members, rent out your spaces, and sell hot desks with non-member invoices. No more chasing checks.

Room & Equipment Bookings 

Create your inventory of spaces, offices, resources, and assets within your dashboard. Then members and tenants can book what they need, when they need it, right from their mobile app.

Analytics & Reports

Get an at-a-glance picture of the performance of your space. Monitor room usage, track member check-ins, measure visitor-to-tenant conversions, and assess your financial health.


Create engaging events within your space and easily promote those events to your tenants and your community. Help develop deeper connections between tenants, and get data on attendance.

Capture and convert leads to members

Organize and track visitors and prospects for your space. Nurture them over time and easily promote to member, without having to re-enter data.


Coworks plays well with others. The platform integrates with Stripe, KISI, Google Calendar, Quickbooks, and many more. Just ask us about the integrations you need!

Easy announcements

Push text notifications, event invitations, or other timely updates to your members, right from the admin dashboard.

Front-desk welcome

Untether your community manager from the front desk with this simple interface. Set up a tablet to welcome visitors, capture information and schedule prospective member tours.

Real-time Check-ins

Know your high traffic times. Stay tuned into everyone in your space at any given time.


Open a new location without establishing a whole new platform. Simply add a new campus and operate your growing empire.

White-labeled experience

While we love our logo and color scheme, you might want to have a different look. Put your own branding on the platform for a unified front-end experience.


Tour Request

Walk-ins are valuable prospects. Now they can simply request a tour, and your community manager is notified immediately. Plus, their contact info goes into the leads database.