Otto's Halloween Tale: The Curse of the Creeping Cost

November 13, 2018

The Curse of the Creeping Cost

Hey guys, It’s me Otto! I’m not sure if you’ve noticed but, Halloween is upon us! Which means it’s time to crack open our storybooks and learn about the scariest tale of them all— The Curse of the Creeping Cost. I know what you’re thinking, “That doesn’t sound very frightening,” but let me assure you this tale is filled with more dread and misery than any ghost or goblin story you’ve ever heard... Because this story is all true! So grab your blankies and strap in because it’s about to get spooky!


Community Manager Questions

You’re sitting in your nice warm coworking space enjoying life as a community manager when suddenly, everything hits you at once! Out of nowhere your coworkers morph into work-zombies! They abandon their offices and begin walking around the space, “Hellpp… Meee,” you hear them groan. But what are they doing? And where are they going?OH NO, They’re coming toward YOU! And they all want help?! At once?! Some need help with billing and some can’t work the WiFi. The issues are both big and small, but you’re just one person! You grab your things and run out the door (zombies don’t run very fast after all) and set out to find a solution.You’re walking into the cold dark night wondering aloud, “How do I turn these work-zombies back into community members,” when you run into a sign. “Huh, could this be the solution?”You only see two paths, so one of them must be the road to a cost efficient software destined to cure your members—right? You’re trying to decide when you hear…


Cheap Now, Cost Later

… “Choose the cheapest option.” That must mean you should go down the path that’s, “Cheap at first,” right? RIGHT?“That has to be the way to fix the work zombies with their million questions!” you exclaim, not realizing what a mistake you were making.So you set out down the path at a full-on sprint until you reach a dead end. With nowhere else to go you notice a house close by... Would the software you need to manage your space be inside?


Costly Chaos

You whip open the door to the mansion only to find creepy costly chaos inside.A witch zooms by your face screeching, “I’ll send you 500 emails everyday my pretty!” Then the ghost in the corner takes you by surprise, “BOO another bug!”Isn’t this supposed to be the cost efficient solution to managing your space?


Complexedus Software

You’re looking for a way out of the chaos of the creepy complexedus software when you find yourself in a never-ending hallway. Is there a way to escape this? How will you find your way out? Are you doomed to wander around this mansion for all eternity while your community members remain zombies?You fight your way through the E-mail Witches and the Bug Ghosts until you see it.... A solution in the distance— Cue Coworks.


Cue Coworks

You enter into the Coworks Cottage to find exactly what you've been looking for, a cost efficient Coworking Software! No more worries about the creeping cost! Now you can return to your space with a software that does everything, but the dishes!


Don't let other Coworking Softwares suck you dry. Get Coworks Software today!To learn more about how we fight the Creeping Cost visit our price page.