Mojo Coworking: Asheville's Magic Sauce

October 26, 2018

Who is Mojo

We asked Ian McAnsh, Community Manager of Mojo Coworking, “How did your space get the name Mojo,” to which he responded, “Oh Mojo, you know, like the magic sauce?!” With a name that embodies zest and charm it is difficult to believe it could be anything other than successful. Mojo is a coworking space in Asheville NC that was founded in April 2011 when Craig McAnsh decided that his Marketing Agency had grown to a point where it was necessary to expand.

Mojo Coworking

Establishing the Sauce

Craig McAnsh knew he needed a change, but was unsure of the direction he wanted to take his business in until he stumbled upon a coworking space for the first time, while on vacation. His son, and now Community Manager, Ian McAnsh says, “His thought process was if a coworking space can work in Wilmington, why wouldn’t it be able to work in Asheville too?” Ian hails his dad as a "career superstar," which is what he believes allowed him to quickly link with creatives and like minded individuals to build a strong community around the space in its inception.

Mojo Coworking

Mojo Coworking Community

The space now holds around 85 members, of varying capacities, The day Mojo opened their door, their space immediately filled. This fire continued to burn for the years to come and now Mojo holds the title of longest running coworking space in Asheville. "We really went out of our way to give members what they needed," says Ian. "At times we even customized memberships to fit members needs."It’s easy to focus on the bells and whistles of Mojo’s spacesuch as ping pong tables, flex desks, and a dynamic aesthetic but what has set them apart from other coworking spaces is their flexibility. Ian insists that Mojo refuses to become a stale environment, the community is constantly evolving to by changing their design and overall approach of the space when it becomes necessary. "As the needs have grown we have been able to grow right alongside the space."

Mojo Coworking

Mojo Coworking Advice

When asked to give advice to other spaces, Ian suggested, “Make sure you really get to know the people in your space. That is the most important thing we have done. There is a special creative energy that draws people in, but I’d like to think they stay for the community we create.”To learn more about this space and the community behind it click here to visit the Mojo Website. To keep learning about other spaces follow along on our blog!