How to Explain Coworking: A Meme Guide

August 30, 2018

You’re sitting around the dinner table ranting to your family about how cool and modern your new office is, “They even have beer on tap!” you tell your wide-eyed nana. Then someone hits you with the dreaded question, “But what exactly is coworking?” You pause to think it over, knowing that a sentence about “collaboration” and “flexibility” wouldn’t do the experience justice. So how do you explain coworking?

It’s a situation many coworking professionals find themselves in, pandering for the right words, to describe their daily work experience. To prevent this scenario we have generated some ready to use responses!

How to explain coworking to:

Your family:

Explain Coworking

It’s like a regular office, except everyone rallies around each other for constant support, kind of like having a work family.

Your old college roommate who is now a business tycoon:

Explain Coworking

Oh you have a strict 9-5 with no agency? Sorry, can’t relate.

Your Philosophical friend:

Explain Coworking

The ethos for coworking is that a building full of close-knit professionals can prove to be more productive in a flexible environment.

Your kid sibling:

Explain Coworking

It’s this place I go to focus, sometimes there's snacks.

That guy from high school who doesn’t believe you have a real job:

Explain Coworking

It’s basically an urban incubator for inspiration and nuanced thought. Did I mention Instagram and Uber both started in coworking spaces? Just, ya know, food for thought.

Your ex-coworker that still doesn’t get it:

Explain Coworking

You don’t have to, because nothing has ever made more sense to me.

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