Coworks Updates: 007

May 9, 2019

Hey Coworks Community!

This week, we bring you some more features and content for you to work more efficiently and organized!


You spoke and we listened! This week, we are happy to bring you announcements. This feature allows managers and other staff to send email based messages to individual members, companies, and even campuses! We are especially excited about this feature because it significantly improves communication between your staff and your members! We are excited to see how you use this feature. We have created some templates for things like packages, payment reminders, and other general announcements.

New Staff roles and Dedicated Staff Tab

This week, we also bring you new roles for staff members and a dedicated staff company tab. This allows you easy access to see the roles and those who have access to the Coworks dashboard. It will also show your staff across your campuses so it's more clear as to who is in charge. If you would like to know more about the roles, you can find them here.

Reorganized Billing Tab

We have made some significant changes to the Billing (Previously labeled "Payments") section. Previously, it was unclear how Transactions and Invoices were paired together so we reorganized the tabs to better reflect the different types. For Transactions, they represent successful and failed transactions (when a card or bank is actually charged). Invoices are a bill sent to members and don't necessarily indicate collected funds. With the change, we have tried to make it more clear where your money is coming from!

Manager Notifications

Bundled into this release, we are bringing you manager notifications! This helps you understand when you get new membership and tour request from leads. As we add more notifications, you will begin to see different types. We are building out a preferences section so you can only be notified of the ones that matter to you!

To checkout our list of features, go here