Coworks Updates: 005

July 17, 2018

Hey Coworks Community!

This week, we bring you some more features and content for you to work more efficiently and organized!

Search Bar

Search Bar

This week, we worked on getting you advanced search functionality. This allows you to get realtime search results so that you can get to the member you are looking for faster.

Book for

Book-For Option

A long requested feature by managers, the book-for feature allows managers to create bookings on behalf of another member. This allows the booking to show in the mobile app for the members and allows consistency throughout the booking process.

Invoice Control

Invoice Options

With this release, we present finer grain control over the status of your invoices. This allows you to mark invoices as closed so that they aren't in 'Unpaid' limbo. We also present the 'Mark as Paid' option which allows you to close an invoice and mark it as collected. Finally, the 'Pay Now' feature lets you charge the customer's payment source immediately so that you can collect the payment

To checkout our list of features, go here