Coworks Updates: 004

June 25, 2018

Hey Coworks Community!

Back at it again with another set of coworks updates. Accountants are going to be happy about this week!


This week, we introduce the first wave of your financial reports. Finally, you or your accountants can download and export a list of the charges, invoices, and the payouts. This report is called Community Payments. This allows you to view a detailed breakdown of the money moving through your community. This will provide transparency to the financials and give you the tools so you spend less time guessing, and more time managing your members. With this release, we have also given you a report to pull all the active memberships and the plans they are on. With this report, you can forecast your next month's revenue so you know how to budget your space. This is the Active Community Memberships report.

Upcoming Invoices

Upcoming Invoice Preview

In the dashboard under the Company Billing Overview, we have introduced a button that allows your to preview the upcoming invoice for an existing team. This provides a lot of transparency into the next month so you can see what the company's bill is going to look like.

Mobile Invoices

Mobile Invoices

With this release, we have also updated the mobile apps to include invoice history for the company admin. They also have the ability to download those invoices through the apps so they can share those with their other employees. This was the top requested feature by members! This is being rolled out to both iOS and Android.

To checkout our list of features, go here