Coworks Updates: 003

May 23, 2018

After 2 weeks of heads down development, we're proud to announce several huge additions to the Coworks suite this week.

Version 1.5.9+

New Features

  • The Frontdesk Tablet - Your personal assistant has finally arrived!! The Coworks frontdesk tablet has reached a v1.0! This tablet, accessible through the Tablet Login, is made to be the first point of contact for guests and leads when they enter your space. Setup a tablet by your entrances to capture tour requests and service guests. 
  •  When a guest requests a tour, they will be created as a lead in the dashboard and you will be sent an email. 
  •  When a guests enters your space to meet a member, we have equipped the tablet with Push Notifications, Text Messages, and Email to notify that member of their guest's arrival. 
  • Calendar Room Filters - A long requested feature, you now can filter the calendar events and bookings by the Room they are in! 
  • Reports - We have made significant improvements to the reports and have improved all the date fields to be in your timezone. Please let us know what reports you want!

Bug Fixes

  • Booking Tablets - We have improved the experience of the booking tablets. We fixed a bug where if you changed apps on the tablet, it would log you out. Not only do you stay logged in, but you also maintain the room that you had selected!
  • Calendar Fix: Room Selection - We fixed a bug where you had to reselect the room when you edit an event.
  • Calendar Fix: Date Selection - We fixed a bug where if you select the end time and edit the start time, it changes the end time! It is now smarter to only change the end time when it makes sense.
  • Leads Improvements - We made some visual improvements to the Leads section so that you can see what campus they were made in. You can also see if leads have toured at a quick glance.

To checkout our list of features, go here.