Coworks Updates: 002

May 8, 2018

We've been working hard getting new features out as quickly as possible and we have some exciting features for you this week.

New Features - Version 1.5.01

  • One-off Invoice Credit Card Capture - When a member is sent an email invoice, we are capturing the credit cards through the email. We now show a banner in the Company Detail where you can switch those cards to the default payment source. This allows you to turn on automatic billing for that member/company!
  • Payments - We have implemented a new table view for the payments tab. This brings speed, consistency, and accuracy to the tab so that you can see all the payments you need, quickly. We've introduced a new section in the payments called 'Marked As Paid' and it is exactly how it sounds. These payments are manually closed by you and we've separated them out for your convenience.
  • Reports - We have made some improvements to these reports and are working on many more. Thanks for your feedback in what you want!
  • Mobile Apps - We have heard lots of feedback from the users and are always making changes to the apps. Please make sure your members have the latest versions.

To checkout our list of features, go here