Coworks Updates: 001

May 1, 2018

Hey you!

We're starting something new here at Coworks. Instead of publishing updates and expecting you to find them (crazy I know), we are going to send updates on the new features in hopes that you will find this a convenient way to discover what Coworks can really do.

New Features - Version 1.4.01

  • One-off Invoices - The single most requested feature, is finally here. You now have the ability to create one-off invoices. This allows you to bill a company or guest who hasn't entered their credit card info. This provides you the flexibility you need to finally bill your members, no matter the circumstance.
  • Reports - We are pleased to offer reports! A long requested feature, we have finally provided some basic reporting functionality. You now have the ability to export your data so you can control your data and get when you need it.
  • Feedback - We have implemented a way for you to give us direct feedback. Using the 'Feedback' button on the bottom of the Admin dashboard, you can send bugs, feature requests or just drop us a line! We're here to help.

Other Improvements:

  • Dashboard - We made major improvements to the speed of the dashboard. We also added a new graph that shows you the growth of your bookings and your events!
  • Leads - We made significant improvements to information provided for the leads. We joined leads together by community, not campus so you can see all of the leads across your community at once.
  • Members - We have created a convenient way to add members to an existing company. Head over to the company detail and switch to the 'Company Members' tab. Use 'Add Member' button to skip some of the flow for speedy member onboarding.
  • Billing - We have implemented several bug fixes to the billing functionality that improves stability, and makes it even more seamless than it already is! We also made a new section in the Accounts tab where you can enter your credit card to pay for your Coworks subscription.
  • Mobile Apps - We are always making improvements and stability fixes to the mobile apps so make sure your members have the latest version!

To checkout our list of features, go here