Coworking Hero Stories

Taylor Long
May 14, 2020

Unlike many other tech-focused coworking spaces, Loading Dock Raleigh (LDR) has always seemed to set themselves apart. One of their missions has been to lower barriers for people to participate in entrepreneurship. More specifically, focusing on diversity and inclusivity. They’ve worked hard to make sure they are more diverse than your average co-working space, and it shows.

They’ve laid down many roots in Raleigh, NC, with one of their locations at Prince Hall—a historically African American district part of Shaw University. Not too far away is another location of theirs, a co-warehouse, which allows e-commerce companies to grow and scale with inventory management, shipping, receiving, etc. The magic of LDR is bringing really incredible people together and allowing them to connect.

Coworking Battles COVID

COVID-19 has undoubtedly impacted coworking spaces and small business, and Loading Dock Raleigh is not alone in feeling the hardships. In my interview with Clark Rinehart, the Director of Community at LDR, he said the hardest part of the pandemic has been seeing the decline of business for their members. They’ve tried their best to make sure they are taken care of by offering discounts and deferred payments—so they can provide for their teams and sustain their companies through this crisis. But that’s not all they’ve done.

Getting Creative

Murphy’s Naturals employees hard at work on the assembly line.

Loading Dock Raleigh is the daughter company to another local startup, Murphy’s Naturals, which specializes in natural insect repellent. After the COVID pandemic hit, there was a sudden shortage of hand sanitizer and other disinfectants. Murphy’s immediately began brainstorming how they could help. With enough space in their warehouse and the tools necessary,  they quickly took action and began making their own hand sanitizer—and selling it at an affordable price.

Loading Dock Raleigh set the table to get the ball rolling, and the team at Murphy’s put in the rest of the work—the cross pollination between both companies really helping to get things done quickly and effectively. With the hand sanitzer selling out on it’s first launch, the impact on the community has been positive to say the least.

Clark Rinehard

“Doing well and doing good,”—Clark Rinehart.

As Clark said and others would surely agree, Murphy’s Naturals is, “doing well and doing good.” They were able to give away hand sanitizer to their friends, family members, and non-profit organizations at LDR. This movement has given Murphy’s Naturals a level of exposure that they didn’t have before, and elevated their brand in the Raleigh area. It goes to show not only the quality of the brand, but also their values.

To read more about Murphy’s Naturals, visit their website here.

Coworking & Community

Moving forward, all of these efforts prove how coworking spaces can leverage their connections across the city to support one another, and help those in need during these times. Coworking spaces like Loading Dock Raleigh are stepping in and saying, “Hey, we’re here, and we support you,” in any way that they can. This also proves the economic and community impact that local coworking spaces have on their cities, and more importantly, that we can all battle COVID and support each other to build a stronger industry going forward.

What is your coworking space doing to help the community? Comment below or send us your information to be featured in our upcoming blog.