Community Spotlight: Coworx Wilmington

July 13, 2018


This week, we are welcoming Coworx to Coworks! (yes, we're homophone buddies!)Although Coworx relocated to Queen St in the Cargo District just last year, they have been since January 2012. On a mission to create a more inspiring and creative workspace, owner Bryan Kristof closed the two locations to rebrand and create Coworx @ The Cargo District. Their space leverages an awesome eco-friendly hack to differentiate themselves from other coworking spaces. Coworx has used recycled shipping containers as offices and it looks amazing.See for yourself!

Coworks Coworking
Coworx Wilmington
Coworks coworking bar

They're innovating not only in the workplace, but also at home. They are using shipping containers to build eco-friendly homesand a shipping container community. [learn_more]Check out more about this crazy shipping container housing idea here.[/learn_more]

The Cargo District

Dubbed "The Cargo District", it is a sister project started by the founder of Coworx, Bryan Kristof. Development of the community is already well underway and projected to finish in stages. The end goal is to provide both workable and livable spaces in a sustainable manner. As an earth advocate myself, I applaud this movement. The new office landscape should be conscious and sustainable.Not only are they doing the earth a solid, but they are also trying to help out entrepreneurs and small businesses. With prices below the average in North America for coworking, Coworx rocks. A beautiful, friendly, welcoming community is exactly what a coworker should be looking for in an office. The featured plans are virtual memberships, hot desks, container offices and custom Workspaces. Yes! They will custom build your desired workspace. Next time you're in Wilmington or Wrightsville Beach (my favorite place and recently named the best beach town), I highly recommend you check out this space. You can signup for a tour here.We are very exited to welcome Coworx onboard and look forward to a thriving partnership. Here's what Jessica had to say:

"Our Coworks App has really helped us streamline tasks and onboarding new members is always easy. Members love the image focused app and the ability to stay informed with the events and resources tabs." - Jessica Pham, Community Manager

To learn more about the innovative community, Coworx, check out their website.To learn more about Coworks, the all-in-one coworking software you can check out the features hereor sign up for a demo here.

Coworks Wilmington