C3 Lab: Artistry Meets Coworking

Tanner H
August 29, 2018

Who is C3 Lab

What do you get when artistry meets coworking? C3Lab! Located in the South End District of Charlotte, NC, C3Lab adds a hands-on component to coworking. Unique from other coworking spaces, C3 offers artist & maker studios in addition to offices and common areas.

Artistry Meets Coworking

C3 Community

Business and art collide as members meet, socialize and collaborate to create dialogue about work and art. After opening in 2015, C3 has grown their dynamic community and continues to foster creativity and inspiration in the Charlotte community. C3’s community manager, Giselle, weighed in on C3Lab’s creative space and community. "This creative hub houses a diverse community of designers, writers, freelancers, nonprofits and entrepreneurs from all walks of life," stated Giselle. Whether a member creates web applications or art, they can find a place in C3Lab’s inclusive, genuine community.  

Artistry Meets Coworking

C3 Benefits

Working within a diverse community can have many benefits. For example, coworkers in a commercial business industry can ask artists for advice on website design or get creative feedback on a new product design. C3 also offers many events for members to get to know each other and connect, such as the End of Year Holiday Potluck. At this Holiday Event members bring their favorite homemade dish and get to know the people they work with. Another popular event that promotes bonding is the annual Table Tennis Competition. Who doesn’t love friendly competition?

 Artistry Meets Coworking

Artistry Meets Coworking and Amenities

Located in a 25,000 sq ft. facility, members have plenty of space to work and interact. Environment is key to shaping a space’s culture. This is why, everything from the floors, artwork, and textures throughout C3 bolsters creativity. Far from a dreary office cubicle, C3 happily welcomes dogs and offers unique art fabrication discounts for members. Plus fun amenities like ping pong tables. Dogs + ping pong tables? Yes please!

 Artistry Meets Coworking

Not a member? You can still be apart of C3’s community by attending events in their event gallery such as art exhibits, fundraisers, workshops, classes, and large community gatherings.To learn more about C3Lab check out their website or keep reading on our blog to see other Community Spotlights!